Coronavirus (COVID-19)

Tattingstone Parish Council

Coronavirus (COVID-19) response

Tattingstone Parish Council has cancelled all Parish Council meetings for April and May. The Parish Council is exploring alternative ways to allow democratic Council decisions to continue to be made in the meantime.

Please keep up to date by visiting the village FaceBook page or by visiting this page

The clerk can be reached by messaging 07798 752147 and hopes to respond within 24 hours.

D Wood Chairman

Jane Connell-Smith Parish clerk

James Cartlidge MP Covid-19 Advice and guidance.

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St Mary's Church - COVID-19 Announcement

Sadly, all Church services are cancelled until further notice as a result of the Coronavirus. Please watch the Church notice board and Facebook page for up to date information. The Church will currently remain open in the day for personal prayer throughout this emergency, but please ensure that you wash your hands thoroughly before entering and after leaving the Church.

PLEASE NOTE: There are no washing facilities in the Church. Please do not enter the Church if you are unwell or have been in close contact with someone who has been unwell recently, in order to prevent spread of infection to others. Please feel free to take a pew sheet or service sheet home with you for personal use (dont bring it back!) 

Simon Harley Church Warden  01473 327531

Useful links to latest Covid-19 guidance and information

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