The Parish Council receives financial reports at its regular monthly meetings, which includes information on receipts and payments that have taken place in the most recent period. In addition, the Parish Council undergoes an audit every year, starting shortly after March 31st, the financial year end. All relevant papers are sent to an Auditor, who performs random checks and verifies the published financial position.


A report is then sent back by the Auditor to the Parish Council for consideration and approval, and all this information provides the basis for the Annual Return that every council, small or large, has to complete. Once the process is complete a Notice of Audit Completion is published on the website. 

The following links will provide you with Tattingstone Parish Council’s latest financial information and regulations.

Statutory information

Exemption Certificate

Data Protection Policy 2019

Code of conduct

Registration Certificate

Bank Reconciliation Statement 31st March 2020

Accounting Statement 2019/20

Annual Governance Statement 2019/20

Annual Governance Return 2018/19

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