In a rural community like Tattingstone, sometimes it may take a little time for an ambulance crew to arrive.


Our wonderful First Responder volunteers are based here in Tattingstone, Bentley and Capel, and can get to an incident very quickly, providing vital first aid and basic life support before the ambulance arrives.

In the event of a 999 call made from this area, the control room will despatch an ambulance, and if appropriate, they will also contact the on-duty First Responder.


Community First Responders are only sent to certain types of incident, typically chest pains, breathing problems, strokes, falls and diabetic cases. The First Responder hands over to the ambulance crew as soon as they arrive on scene. You can find out more about them by visiting their website.

Bentley, Capel & Tattingstone First Responders

Please do not contact the local Responder Group directly in the event of an emergency. Always dial 999 in an emergency or 111 for help with any non medical worries.

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