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24 hour Petanque Challenge

This is the biggie! Sesa and Airavata have set themselves a challenge of playing Petanque for 24 hours. The first boule will be thrown at 6pm on Friday 8th June and the last at 6pm on Saturday 9th June. 

So that they are not alone for the entire time, people can sign up to either challenge them to a game or simply have a game with their friends at any time during the 24 hour period. With 4 Pistes available there should be room for all. Slots will be sold in ½ hour blocks at a cost of £5 per ½ hour. To book a time slot simply email airavatacarroll@yahoo.co.uk or send a message via facebook and we’ll send back confirmation of your booking. Either pay in advance on our Just Giving page or pay on the day/night! 

As well as lots of Petanque we will be having live music throughout the 24 hour period as well as a Hog Roast and BBQ keeping people fed and watered the whole time. Kevin and Anna will be keeping the Pub doors open for the entire time (how great are they!) AND the field is available to set up your tent if you can’t stay awake the whole time (lightweights!).

We are pleased to announce that the Quay Street Whalers are to perform on Friday night!! Those that have seen them at the Wheatsheaf on a Sunday lunchtime will know just how much fun they are. You are guaranteed a great night of Sea Shanties and folk from the boys from Orford.

For our friends and family who live outside of the UK, there will be Petanque Party Packs available to download which will have everything you need to host your own Petanque Party and get involved with us while we are playing here in Tattingstone including signing up for our live broadcast!!

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