Tattingstone Post Office, shop and the pub called The Orange Box

Some time back, Tattingstone had a typical village shop, it sold virtually everything and anything. You name it you could buy it there. A lot of items were all bought in bulk and then carefully weighed out to whatever amount the customer wanted. Whole sides of bacon would be de-boned and back bacon, streaky bacon, joints for cooking and the whole gammon was available to buy. Fresh and delicious.


Attached to the shop was a small pub, named the Orange Box, but its official title was Waterloo House. The pub's licence was restricted to beer and cider only, and it was closed on Sundays.  The pub was unusual in that it had no bar. It was just a single room with a doorway into a smaller room where the barrels were set up.


B/W pictures courtesy of Owen Hines

All of the beer was served directly from the barrels via a brass tap. A customer would sit down, order their drink, the drink was poured from the barrel and then it was delivered to the table. In 1964 the shop was refurbished and a new pub licence established. The pub was then able to introduce different beers, Adnams Bitter, Watney’s Red Barrel and Anglian Mild. All available at ten old pence per pint. The Orange Box's main claim to fame is that during the “Tattingstone Suitcase Murder” enquiry, the police basically set-up their offices in the bar of the Orange Box.

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