Village Recorder

by Jane Kirk


I am the village recorder for Tattingstone, part of a Suffolk-wide scheme run by the Suffolk Local History Council to ensure that events and changes happening now in our villages are recorded for historians of the future.


Every year I write a report on events and activities in the village which is kept by the Suffolk Record Office.  I also keep an archive of material such as newspaper cuttings, photos, programmes, order of services, etc, etc.  You would be surprised what historians will get excited about coming across years and years in the future!  So, please don’t throw anything away you think might fall into this category as I’ll willingly hold on to it, keep it safe and in time it will go with everything else in my archive to the Suffolk Record Office for prosperity.  


If you don’t want to part with whatever it is, then perhaps we could photo copy it and we’ll both be happy!



Phone: 07974455927 or 01473 328328 (email preferred)

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