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Tattingstone has a wealth of history and it is well worth discovering, or indeed rediscovering, what has lain forgotten for years, decades and in some cases centuries. The internet and in particular, the Tattingstone Parish Council website, provides the perfect opportunity to share and keep the heritage of the village alive. As our village changes in our own lifetimes, it is fascinating to look back and reflect on its past; to understand more about those who lived here before us and what the village used to look like.

Over the last few years it has been my pleasure to follow in the footsteps of other local historians and unearth and bring back to life village events and stories about people from the past.

The content here dips in and out of time and is in no particular historical order. They do however look at different events and the lives of people who lived here at specific times. For instance there is a section telling the life story of each man from the village who died in WW1, there are stories about notable people who had connections with the village and to come there is material from the Workhouse exhibition covering 250 years from 1766 to the present day. It is only a dip in the ocean as there is so much more to research and share; it is a never ending mission and a labour of love.

Tattingstone is very much a village to be proud of and no more so than in its rich history and heritage and I hope this little dip into the past will be of interest now and for the future.

Jane Kirk

Village Recorder

Email: tattingstonehistory@gmail.com

Tel: 01473 328328


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